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Rotary in Dundee
What is Rotary Rotary    members    are    enthusiastic,    fun-loving      and   active   volunteers   who   give   their   time   and     talents   to   serve   communities   both   at   home   and overseas.    These    are    dedicated    people,    men and    women    from    business    and    professions, who   share   a   common   interest   in   helping   others. Rotary   International   in   Great   Britain   and   Ireland (RIBI)    has    over    50,000    members    in    1,855 clubs.     It     is     an     integral     part     of     Rotary International,       the       world's       first       service         organisation.   Each   member   enjoys   business   as well   as   social   networking   opportunities,   whilst giving   something   back   to   those   less   fortunate, learning   new   skills   and   having   a   huge   amount of    fun!    Rotary    runs    countless    humanitarian projects        both        locally,        nationally        and internationally,    and    also    partner    with    many charities      worldwide.   Read   more   about   What We   Do .   Members   organise   community   projects that    address    many    of    today's    most    critical issues,   such   as   violence,   drug   abuse,   health, hunger,   the   environment,   and   illiteracy.   Rotary clubs   determine   service   projects   based   on   local needs.   They   work   for   and   with   young   people   to     address   challenges   facing   the   youth   of   today.     Interact    and    Rotaract    are    also    part    of    the      Rotary    family,    with    a    similar    club    structure      specifically   for   young   people   aged   14-18   and   18-30   respectively.   Members   are   enthusiastically   committed   to      the   drive   to   wipe   out   polio   from   the   world.      Since Rotary   became   involved   in   polio   eradication   in   1985,   the   number   of   reported   polio   cases   has   fallen   from   350,000   a   year   to   around   100;   125   endemic   countries have been  reduced to just 3 - Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan; and two billion children have been protected from the disease.