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Rotary in Dundee
We’re for Communities Rotary/ScotRail project in Dundee   The    five    Rotary    Clubs    in    Dundee,    (Abertay,    Claverhouse,    Dundee,    Discovery    and Monifieth)   worked   together   to   progress   a   partnership   project   with   ScotRail. The   ‘Adopt   a Station’   programme   is   run   by   ScotRail   as   a   means   of   involving   local   communities   in maintaining   high   environmental   standards   at   railway   stations   with   the   signature   ‘barrel trains’   forming   a   focus   for   this   endeavour.   The   Rotary   Clubs   in   Dundee   have   embraced this    concept    and    are    looking    after    the    barrel    trains    at    Broughty    Ferry,    Dundee, Invergowrie and Monifieth Stations.   The   barrel   trains   have   been   filled   with   suitable   plants   by   local   Rotarians   and   are   already contributing   a   welcome   splash   of   colour   to   the   stations.   It   is   hoped   that   the   cooperation between   Rotary   and   ScotRail   will   continue   to   be   developed   over   the   coming   months and years.   ScotRail   external   relations   manager   John   Yellowlees   said   "Our   adopt   a   stations   policy is   about   putting   stations   at   the   heart   of   their   communities,   and   we   are   delighted   that   the Rotary   Clubs   have   taken   Dundee,   Invergowrie,   Monifieth   and   Broughty   Ferry   Stations   to their hearts by adopting these distinctive barrel-train planters".
Rotary Club of Abertay meet Monday at 6pm Woodlands Hotel Broughty Ferry Dundee DD5 2QL abertay.rotary1010.org
Rotary Club of Discovery meet Friday at 7:30am DUSA University Campus Perth Road discovery.rotary1010.org
Rotary Club of Dundee meet Thursday at 12:45pm Invercarse Hotel Perth Road DD2 1PG dundee.rotary1010.org
Rotary Club of Monifieth meet Wednesday at 6pm The Grange Golf Club Tay Street Monifieth monifieth.rotary1010.org
Rotary Club of Claverhouse meet Tuesday at 6pm Queens Hotel Nethergate Dundee claverhouse.rotary1010.org